Continuum Movement® weekend Prague June 31/ July 1

« Activating our fluid potentials »

syl continuum embryo

This 2 days workshop proposes to experience the activation of our fluid nature through embodiment and movement. Like our planet, our body is composed of approximately 70-75 % of water permeating through all bodily tissues (Blood, lymph, bones, organs, cells…) creating a particular system, which according to Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, connects us through its fluid property to our biosphere and all eco-systems. Until recently the research on water, its behavior and presence in the body was not clearly understood, however, scientists are beginning to understand more about the role of fluid exchanges in the body and the research on fascia is particularly promising.

In the practice of Continuum, which is an experiential inquiry, bodily water and fluids function as a connective field for all chemical and electrical activities taking place in our body. We can experience this fluidity through movement responses like pulsations, undulations and spirals interpenetrating bodily layers and connecting our bodily parts. We can feel into the sensations of fluid expression and “ride the waves”.


In Continuum we suggest that the fluid medium act as an incubator for living processes. All life on earth begins in a watery container and reflects the process of the earth’s evolution. This process of billions years of adaptation and creativity is present in the sequencing of the embryo. That is as well our inspiration for the weekend’s theme.

Continuum is a movement practice born in the US with somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad (1934-2014), a proposition to explore the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement and their effects on our body and mind.

Although we could assume that the practices of breath, sound, consciousness and movement already existed as healing forms in past cultures, in our modern version we use a somatic setting: lying on a mat, sitting or using a chair, in combination with specific breaths, vocal sounds and movement sequences combined with a sustained attention to sensations.


About the teacher:

The workshop is guided by Sylvain Meret, certified Continuum Movement® teacher and Continuum Wellspring practitioner.

Born in France, Sylvain has an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) and Dance Therapy (MA, Rotterdam). Since 1998, Sylvain has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia. Along side his dance carrier, he was drawn to enter the inner realms of “the bodies” and to explore the creative and spiritual potential that lies within us.

Sylvain was educated in Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder, Continuum with Emilie Conrad, Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, “The moving cycle” with Christine Caldwell, master in Dance Therapy, Reiki, Anatomy Trains, Feldenkrais, BMC©…


He now teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions using a broad range of modalities such as dance rituals, Continuum, shamanic healing, channeling, co-creative partnership or dance therapy. Sylvain has worked with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.


More info:


Open and free Continuum Movement classes in Amsterdam

I am very excited to announce a series of 5 Continuum Movement classes in Amsterdam starting this Thursday 6 March.

  • THURSDAY 6 MARCH  19:15-21:45

  • THURSDAY 13 MARCH  19:15-21:45

  •  THURSDAY 27 MARCH  19:15-21:45

  •  THURSDAY 3 APRIL  19:15-21:45

  •  THURSDAY 10 APRIL  19:15 – 21:45

You can follow the whole series or attend only one or few classes. However, I recommend to take more than one class. 

These session will focus particularly on self-care. They are designed as a self-care practice, especially for therapists working with bodies and movement such as DMT, or PMT but they are open to everyone. The maximum participant is 8 due to the size of the room. Please send me a confirmation of your participation, and arrive before 19:15 for a comfortable setting up. Bring a thick blanket to be confortable on the floor and a yoga mat if you have.


Price: participatory for the studio rent or Donation.

Contact me for more information if you are interested or to register:  – 06 14 10 23 37

Founded by dancer and visionary  Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement is an on going evolving somatic practice, inquiring about the human bodies biological complexity from the perspective of the fluid system.

These classes are part of my training for becoming a Continuum teacher and will be videotaped to be shown to Emilie Conrad for this specific assignment. (They will not be used for publicity or other purposes)

You’re very welcome !