Ways of Moving and Being Moved

“Ways of moving and being moved” was created in 2012 by Sylvain Meret to merge creative movement practices for well-being, therapy and personal growth .

The “roots” of ways of moving come from Dance/Movement Expression, Somatic Awareness, Creativity and Rituals.

The different modalities include Continuum Movement Wellspring, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), “The Moving Cycle” (C. Caldwell), Developmental Psychology, LMA, Qi Gong and Shamanism.


Research is the major dynamic factor in my work. Wether I am performing, teaching, creating or facilitating therapeutic processes, I have the same curiosity and eagerness to understand the larger picture. My life, my profession, my experiences, and my issues, form the backbones for everything I have created. The wonderful thing about research is when occasionally we meet other researches coming from different fields sharing similar experiences and results. The fields of dance improvisation and somatic are for me the rich playground, where I can dig, explore and come up with new understandings of what it is “I am”.

Amsterdam, 2008, I initiated “Brain studies” a laboratory based upon Neuro Sciences and Shamanic studies, aiming for dancers and creators to experiment the field of dance improvisation and somatic awareness. Today it is part of the larger body of activities I called, “Ways of Moving and Being Moved”. It includes artistic projects and workshops, private practice in dance therapy, rituals and working with Nature.