Dance Movement Therapy individual session

DMT (Dance Movement Therapy)  is a recent development in the fields of clinical psychology, psychiatry, somatic, and personal growth. It aims to further the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive and social aspects of the personality. Although DMT is probably one of the oldest therapeutic practice mixing dances, movement and rituals, recent scientific investigations have demonstrated the central role of movement and creativity in psycho-emotional and physical balance and recovery.

What do I propose in the DMT sessions:

I work with 3 modalities that are connected and complementary: Dance Therapy, Continuum Movement, and Qi Gong (Shen Zheng and free forms)

Dance therapy favorises the sensing of self through movement and play, self-affirmation, empathy and “felt” sense,  creativity and feelings of belonging, social engagement, and promote healthy ways of bounding or defining limits for instance,

Continuum Movement brings softness and openness in tight bodily tissues. Compression and density in tissues signals that they have been compromised. Continuum’s sounds and breaths allow bio-intelligence nourishment to occur within the cells, fascias, bones and organs. The practice helps to restore a sense of healthy embodiment that shows more adaptability and versatility to cope with our challenging environment,

Qi Gong moves the vital energy through the meridians pathways, enhancing balance, and fill the body with more energy in service of the opening of the heart center and other energy centres. Qi Gong increases blood flow, motoric coordination and parasympathetic functions (to calm down from flight/fight/freeze adaptive patterns)

Nature, as the primary force of life on earth, holds the keys for any restorative process. To experience Nature in co-creative partnership definitely enhances a sense of support, compassion and care. I particularly recommend the MAP program, from Machaelle Small Wright, that can support and enhance your process.

What can address DMT?
  • Being more grounded in the here and now, 
  • Developing internal perceptions of sensations and emotions, 
  • To experience the body differently (as an ally, a partner instead of a struggle or an enemy), 
  • To set limits and boundaries for ourselves and towards others
  • To re-own experiences and emotions that have been left unsolved
  • To Develop creativity for self-expression and self-knowing

Session description:

Typically, sessions aims to facilitate the emergence of unconscious themes and patterns, generally related to attentional wounds, traumatic memories, difficult attachment, unregulated defences mechanisms…

This unresolved stuff often stays imprinted in our body tissues as a rigid and fixed  structure and can be disruptive and parasitising our lives.

In the session, We will pay attention to inner impulses, intuitive responses, biological programs (flight/fright/freeze) and let the somatic intelligence support the integration process. A dancing dialogue in mirroring can reveal and help to process important relational or social issues.

The session proposes  a context where movement and micro-movement will give a framework for our body to tap into its natural potency for healing. Verbal processing of sensations, images or memories is important for our cognitive mind. Sometime rituals or symbolic acts can be performed to move the psychic energy that might be stuck; in any case, the felt sensations are the drives and means, and will give the necessary awareness to determine how the transformative process is being accomplished.

Possibility for individual and group sessions.

To book a session contact me / 0033 (0)6 10 13 43 60