Continuum Wellspring Practitioner

Continuum Movement is a somatic approach developed by Emilie Conrad. In many ways, Conrad pioneered innovative views about the human body by looking at the “fluid system”, particularly bodily tissues, their behaviour and responses to sound and breath. Other disciplines like ostheopathy, cranio-sacral therapy or Rolfing acknowledge the fluid system as well, Continuum takes a step further by developing a framework,which  directly taps into the awakening of the fluid intelligence of the body with the use of sounds, breaths and movement sequences.

To know more about Continuum Movement

Read my article about Continuum and Alchemy

The Wellspring of Continuum Program was originally designed by Emilie Conrad and Robert Litman to bridge therapeutic practices with Continuum Movement.

Continuum Wellspring sessions are 1-1. In this setting, we can target problems, issues or inquiries in much detailed and deeper ways. In the sessions, you will learn specific breaths, sounds and movement sequences that will address your issue or your goal. Continuum blends easily with other modalities such as “the moving cycle”, dance therapy, energy work.

Continuum Wellspring may help in case of:

  • recovering from injuries
  • recovering from physical trauma, accidents, with-splash
  • anxiety
  • stress relief and burn-out
  • breathing disorder
  • eating disorder
  • keeping healthy joints, bones and muscles
  • bringing pleasure and ease in movement and motor activity
  • increasing creativity
  • Special combination of Wellspring  session with “crystal bed” treatment for deep integration (especially in trauma recovery) for details about crystal bed, click here

Sessions last 1h30min, a follow-up telephone call or Skype after few days of personal practice, another session after one or two weeks. Then you can decide how to continue (one session/week or every two weeks, until the transformative process has taking place).

The price as a package for two sessions and a phone call/skype  is 120 €. Following sessions are 50 € per hour.

To book a session write an email or call 0033 (0)6 10 13 43 60

Wellspring practionners 2014

 The Wellspring cohorte in Santa Monica, June 2014 with Robert Litman and Gael Rosewood.