Ethics are part of any clinical practice, they need to be clear so clients have all the information about what they can expect in sessions or workshops.

Ways of Moving and Being Moved emphasises three aspects of the therapeutic process:


In the context of ways of moving “healing” is a learning and developmental process. 

When healing occurs, it means that  Body-Mind-Spirit are functionally re-aligned with each other. This alignment translates as deep “realisations” or “self-realisations”. We are finally able to feel the “answers” deep in ourselves to the questions that were held in the psyche. We can move forward again.

In this context “Healing” is an evolutionary process. We don’t forget the traumatic experiences but the energies are able to move through the three realms of  body-mind-spirit. It can be seen as a learning process giving more understanding to our lives, and generating wisdom and compassion. The mind (or mental) doesn’t have the capacity to process healing, only the awareness and synchronisation of the three levels of Body-Mind-Spirit moves us forward so we can grow.

Healing doesn’t mean to cure or to fix a problem. You are invited to consult a doctor for medical issues.

2-The restorative process:

Ways of moving provides tools to engage clients within a “restorative process”, a term coined by Dance therapist and Continuum Teacher, Amber Gray. What it means, is that we can provide ways of regenerating and renewing the human systems by stimulating self-care through the innate biological programs held within the body.

The restorative process calls upon what is alive within us to support what has been compromised by life events such as accidents, traumas, unsolved issues, developmental issues and so forth…

Allopathy and medical care:

The health care system provided by our society is our first and immediate available support.  Consulting a doctor is the first step.

The modalities in “ways of moving” will not cure a cancer or an illness, however, the process of personal growth may change the modalities of how the body, mind and spirit will deal with health challenges.

As for mental illnesses, they need to be addressed with proper medication when it is needed. Therapeutic work best occurs when a synergy between different modalities have been established (like getting a team of doctors,  that can address specific issues and coordinate their work).

All the approaches offered in ways of moving can enhance, support and facilitate regaining a healthy sense of self and self-esteem, recovery, restorative processes and personal growth, but don’t claim to cure any illnesses or disorders.