“Descentiment” was created out of my collaboration with musicians Chris Martineau and Julie Laderach. The process was born in an in-situ context, a old cemetery in the french basque country. Spinning and twirling came as forms during improvisation performances. It created  vortexes  mediating dynamic and emotional content that connected with the public in a direct accessible way. I developed it further in several solos during my stay in Korea. It was finally performed in Amsterdam live with the musicians, and inCzech Republic, chateau de Malagar France…


Studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, I developed a deep personal creative process during years of education. All the pieces and works that I have made so far are inter-connected with each others; themes recurring, images and forms…my inquiry is located below the actual form of cultural art forms. I understand cultures, and Art. But I am interested in the transformative processes of Art-Creativity, not as an external event, but for us, the people. I deeply believe that we are by essence creative and expressive. Therefor I prefer the word Creativity, as it feels more inclusive of the human potential, and less limited to cultural expressions and beliefs than the modern definition of Art.

Seen / un-seen. Transparency. Light.
Time Space Presence Kairos
Embodiment BODY Mystery
Movements from non-form to form. The Breath of creativity.
The stream of creativity penetrating the material world. In-forming. In-spiring.
The dynamic flow of information exchanged through all life forms: creativity IS connection.
Rhythms, frequencies, tones, Forms of Vitality Dynamic (D.Stern)
Moving in and out of the human theatre, character play, contextual narrative and archetypes.

I begun to show my own work in 2003 through collaboration:  with Vincent Cacialano –“ playing death chair”, Vincent Cacialano, Mari Siles and Jose Cazeneuve – “il n’y a rein a faire, juste metre les choses en relation “. “The Planck’s wall” duet with Lior Avizoor.

In 2005-2007 The solo performance “le modèle de Molinier”, inspired by French artist Pierre Molinier and created in collaboration with theatre director Jean-Luc Terrade, Compagnie les Marches de l’été, was presented in renown international festivals in France, U.K, Belgium,  and Spain.

In 2009, I made “Ones” for K-Arts, Seoul university of art

“The end of the Tyranny” in 2013.

“Backflow” was created with the Waterproof Live Ensemble from Amsterdam, Hermine Schneider and Onno van Swigchem. The first creation happened in 2009 with the dance Company Retazos in Havana, Cuba. The work was developed further in the Netherlandsin the Stadsschouwburg and the Rasa theatre in Utrecht,  and the Stadsschouwburg in Naaldwijk.

I developed solo work since several years. “Vibroscopie1.2″ video/dance project with Isabelle Kraiser in 2004 festival 30’’30’ Bordeaux,  “Shout and whisper” 2009 Juksan international dance festival, “Twice” 2009 Poket dance festival, Seoul, International dance festival Busan; “Descentiment” 2010 in Amsterdam, Czech republic; “The dreamer and the observer” 2012 with guitarist Alfredo Genovesi Amsterdam, 2013 “Major Arcanum” Xiamen, China.