Cosmic Dance

“The body is the shore of the ocean of Being.”  Anonymous ( Sufi)

“Cosmic dance”

The class is designed for anyone who is concerned with the embodiment of well-being through movement.

The class combines elements of dance improvisation, Continuum Movement, Qi Gong and shamanism practices. We are calling a state of receptiveness to let the flow of Qi, the life force, moving us rather than always being active movers. We are listening to the inner movement wisdom that is present in each of us and we let it express its own choreography.

Inspired from Continuum, we use simple vocal  sounds and specific breaths to open our bodily tissues to prepare the fluid systems to be more receptive and resonant for movement expression. We use different forms of Qi Gong to stimulate energy pathways and meridians in order to engage more consciously with the forces in Nature.

Follow the link to see how it looks like:

These particular way of moving and dancing reflect our natural state of being when we are attuned and flowing within our environment.  These movements realign us with Nature and thus enhances self-regulation biological mechanisms. 

These fluids and harmonious movements express a recapitulation of our evolutionary pathway, as the movement of breath, pulsations, waves and spirals represent the primary movements vocabulary for any living organisms (see aquatic creatures in the video). We allow our system to be attuned with this bio-intelligence and may recall our oceanic, reptilian or mammalian ancestry…

Movement is our primary Medicine for Being in this world.

The class:

The class begins with a warm up to prepare the body to move with no resistance,  with exercises to enhance flexibility and strength in the spine and the joints. We activate the energy pathways (meridians) and awaken the fluid body by bringing more awareness and focus in the first order experiences of sensations.

This is the key to be in-tune with our inner movement wisdom. From this place, we can invoque the movement medicine, letting it move through our bodies. A Emilie Conrad (the pioneer and founder of Continuum) said in her book “Life on land”: …” we don’t make movement, WE ARE MOVEMENT “.

Part of this practice can be done with closed eyes to enhance internal awareness,  the feeling of flow and the different energies  emerging through insightful power dances.

This particular movement approach helps us to be more self-referential of our own well being, by making us aware that every moment contains the potential for self-healing.