I have designed a variety of classes for dancers, movers, and other bipeds.

I have been freelance teaching  workshops and classes in academic settings, universities of dance, private dance schools, conservatories, training centres and festivals.

Over the years different classes were born. Some of them are still available and can be given upon request (sylvainmeret21@gmail.comfor a variety of people interested in dance improvisation, experiential learning, contemporary dance or dance therapy.

Contemporary dance classes

The first part of the class focuses on anatomical explorations, movement sequences and exercises inspired from Continuum Movement, LMA*,  release dance techniques. We work with the Breath as a primary movement metaphor, which is a wave motion. Pulsations, undulations and spirals are the movement models that we want to embody to explore the relationship of our body with gravity,  structural support,  space, time, dynamics and interactions with others.

The goal is to increase awareness and possibilities for re-patterning our use of movement by allowing more creativity, flexibility, diversity in movement quality, and an overall healthier relationship with our dancing body.

In the second part, we will create situations where we can explore and experience the full range of expressivity, from micro-movements to action patterns. I give specific attention to “owning” our movement style and to explore our uniqueness of movement signature.

*Laban Movement Analysis

  • Cosmic Dance