Continuum Rehab series part 2

Second meeting of Self-improvement sessions applying Continuum Movement principles.
We will continue and deepen the work we started in the first session.

These classes are perfect frames for dancers or any professional movers who have to face self-care when it comes to maintain their body healthy.
We will address participants issues and generalised skeletal, muscles, tissues and joints issues as well [such as arthrosis, injuries, chronic pain, tissue degeneration…].
Continuum Movement will be our main modality for stimulating bio-intelligence, blood flow, adaptability and regeneration, getting out of habits and limiting patterns. Continuum uses specific sounds, breaths and movement sequences to access the fluid system of the body. The practice brings a new somatic awareness, opens a flow of regenerative bio-nourishment in the cells and the tissues. It is a simple yet a very powerful practice. We will learn movement sequences ideal for daily self-care and injury’s prevention.
Where: BOdlabot, OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
When: 11:00-14:00 Saturday 2 April 2016
Costs: 25 euro
The class will happen with a minimum of 3 participants and a max of 8.
Register by email: