Co-creative awareness Research project 2015

Co-creative awareness

Research project

Sundays 22 February/26 April/14 June 2015


During these 3 days sessions, we will explore the realms of unseen forces that compose the living web of our environment. We will experience co-creating together with these forms of intelligence through conscious positive interactions.

What is co-creative awareness?

The process of co-creation involves a collaboration/partnership between human with another source of intelligence for manifesting or materializing something new.

In our case, it is a partnership between a human being and some other types of intelligences, such as nature intelligences, or other forms of living consciousness. When we interact through movement with a fundamental concept like “Space” with co-create a new relationship that becomes larger, more complex and evolved than just the individual or the space alone. So far we commonly don’t admit that space has a form of intelligence, but as dancers-movers we know inherently that space feels different all the time we experience it. It does involve a sort of listening and some means to interact on both ends by receiving and giving information.

In a way we do this all the time, whether we focus our intent on a goal, or onto the universe or to God…it is one individual in relationship to a second intelligent force, but we do it only one way: we want to manifest that intent, we don’t think we can hear back, “hey if you want this… you have to do it like that… and with this…”

How do we do it?

The basic research focused on the different means available for each person to achieve such collaboration. We usually can agree on the existence of nature intelligences and others types of conscious forces, but we don’t really know how to interact with them, primarily because it’s often not a linear form of language. It doesn’t speak or talk like human beings do, although we might receive clear messages sometimes. It looks more like a package of sensations than a linear text.

The proposal

Our goal during the 3 sessions is to focus on our body sensory system to develop methods to communicate. We will turn towards the functioning of our inner senses, which mirror our 5 external senses.

We sense (inwardly)

We feel (inwardly)

We hear (inwardly)

We see (inwardly)

We smell (inwardly)

Our sensory awareness provides forms of representations that help us to get an understanding of the other realms. Kinesiology testing or dowsing are ways to relate on a yes/no protocol. It can be helpful and faster in some cases.

That’s somehow the framework we can use to develop a conscious co-creative partnership; however the big challenge for the inner senses is our “internal dialogue”, the noisy mind that most often acts as a parasite. The internal dialogue, which is aligned with our believe system and our memories of fears, personal history, education and culture are the main obstacles to experience co-creative awareness.

When we get a clear intent, we provide the force that will reach our co-creative partners. It can only happen when we are cleared of fears, doubts and confusions concerning the experience we are having.

The purpose:

The purpose is for each participant to understand and experience co-creative awareness. J

For who: this research project is open for any curious person with a little or big experience of somatic awareness and movements. It is important to feel grounded.

When: Sundays afternoon 22 February, 26 April, and 14 June 12:30 – 17:30

Where: Anamorphic studio, Overtom 301, Amsterdam

There are no costs except for a little donation for the studio rent.