“Teachings from Nature” Weekend workshop

 Teachings from Nature


22 and 23 march 2014, in Zeist, Utrecht region

You are welcome to join us for the spring equinox to experience Balance in co-creativity with Nature Intelligences!

This two days will provide a great opportunity to learn simple tools to communicate with Nature and experience co-creative principles. These workshops come from my experience of facilitating summer retreats with groups in a small island in France for the past 6 years.

I have been amazed by the simplicity and efficacy to work with Nature Intelligences (see Perelandra) to experience co-creative partnership.

“It is with a great pleasure that we welcome you to learn about who you are and about who we are, and how we can transform together our realities for the best of all.”Nature 😉

This workshop aims to introduce co-creative principles through a simple method of connecting with Nature Intelligences. We will profit of the equinox period to create a context in which we can experience Nature as source of knowledge, wisdom, healing and balance.

We will make use of a “coning”, a simple form of connection between Human and Nature through kinesiology testing. The “coning” will hold the intent (definition, direction, purpose) through which we will experience Nature’s teachings. The theme for this weekend will be “Balance”.

The teachings about “Balance” will be unique to this setting and will be addressed directly to each one consciousness. However, the two days will provide the basic tools for starting a co-creative partnership with Nature.

From my experience, Nature’s teachings are surprising, transforming and healing. However, the most fundamental aspect of this relationship is to start building a personal experience concerning Nature realities, energy, and what we call spiritual wisdom.


The knowledge you will gather about “balance” will answer directly what you need to learn from Nature’s perspective. As “experiential learning”, this setting creates a strong base from which you can develop safely your human potentials in extended ways, and most importantly in sync and harmony with our planet.

This workshop is open for adults curious to experience co-creative relationship with our planet and with Nature. The time will be respectively divided between individual explorations and co-creative group sessions. It will be an ongoing process during the whole weekend.

This workshop facilitated by Sylvain Méret is the result of six years experimenting with Nature Intelligences with several groups in Ile d’Aix, France. It is influenced by the work done at Perelandra by Machaelle Small Wright on co-creative principles.

The main intent is to set up a framework where Nature and Human Intelligences may encourage individuals to develop their human potentials through co-creative principles and wisdom given by Nature.

(To know more: http://www.perelandra-ltd.com/default.aspx)

Recommended reading: “Co-creative Science” from M.S. Wright

The workshop starts at 10:00 Saturday morning and finishes at 17:00 Sunday.

Price: 121 € (inclusive BTW)

Where: De Orbit, Odijkerweg 144 – Zeist (near Utrecht)

Registration / information: sylvainmeret21@gmail.com / 06 14 10 23 37


No cancellation is possible after registration. Thank you.

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